Simple English to Hindi typing tool online. You can type your desired content in English and the related text will be automatically converted to Hindi. You do not need to learn Hindi typing or practice regular typing to use this tool.

Write or paste Hinglish language to convert it in Hindi.

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The free virtual keyboard will help you type any text using your computer mouse. Just click on the letters and they will automatically be printed in the text box. After that, you can copy the text and paste it wherever you want. Hindi keyboard is enabled by default.

In general, the virtual online keyboard replicates its analogue prototype completely. To write uppercase once or to enter punctuation characters from a number line, press the Shift key. And if you need to completely switch to caps mode, turn on caps lock mode. To erase, use the "Backspace" arrow in the top right corner. For a new paragraph - "Enter" key. By and large, everything is very simple and clear here.

How to type in Hindi using English keyboard?

hinglish typing to hindi

Easy Hindi typing tool gives you an easy way to type in Hindi without a keyboard on a computer or mobile. You only need to type the word in English and this tool will automatically convert it into corresponding Hindi Unicode characters. For example, you want to type " राम का दोस्त यो यो हनी सिंह है " and you will type it "Ram ka dost yo yo honey singh hai" and this tool will change the words of English to Hindi.